Posted by: Junit Guy | February 25, 2010

Orange puffle and rockhopper sighted

Hey everyone!

The orange puffle is here..

and rockhoppers ship is sighted at the telescope


Posted by: Junit Guy | February 14, 2010

A lot of new stuff!

Hey everyone!

Theres alot of new stuff in cp these days..

First of all.. The new pin is the feather pin and it can be found at the beacon

The new puffle furniture catalog is also here…Check it out!puffle catalog 300x204 « Club Penguin Cheats

There’s also a cheat in this catalog… you can get the gray house by clicking on the word puffle.
hidden puffle catalog 300x202 « Club Penguin Cheats

The new play.. Secrets of the Bamboo forest is also here

And there have been sightings of Orange puffles around club penguin

It has been spotted at the ski lodge:
Puffle Naranja en el Refugio « Club Penguin Cheats


Posted by: Junit Guy | February 5, 2010

Penguin style catalog cheats

Hey everyone!

the new Penguin style catalog is here

here are the heats!

Click the snow on the top of the Pine Tree for The Brunette (300 Coins) and the Purple Spring Dress (400 Coins)!

Click the top of the mountain for the Pastel Suede Jacket (700 Coins).

Click the snow on the top of the leaning Pine Tree for the Pom Pom Scarf (250 Coins).

Click the Snowman’s Nose for the Pink Snorkel (200 Coins).

Click the mountain top for the Pink Flippers (200 Coins).

Click the bubble (the big one, not the small one) for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins). Open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins).

Click the Coins for Change Pot for the Stocking Cap (200 Coins).

Click the top of the Pine Tree for the Long Johns (350 Coins).

Click the Snare Drum under the tree for the Snare Drum (380 Coins).

Click the Acoustic Guitar hanging out of the tree for the Acoustic Guitar (700 Coins).

Click the Trumpet hanging out of the tree for the Trumpet (450 Coins).

Click the Drum Sticks for, of course, the Drum Sticks (120 Coins)!


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 29, 2010

New pin, dance club update and caves closed!

Hey everyone!

The new pin is a speaker pin. it can be found at the pet shop

There is a new update in the night club… But the Night Club will look its same old self unless there are a certain amount of penguins (about 8 or more). When there’s more than 8 penguins in the Night Club it will switch to PARTY MODE! Disco balls will come down, new decorations, lights and all. The Dance Floor will also have some new designs!

And.. today the caves have been closed..

thats all…


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 28, 2010

Newspaper issu

Hey everyone!

The newspaper is here…The main news is about the caves closing..

And on feb 12 theres gonna be new puffle furniture!

And on feb 12 theres gonna be a new play at the stage: “The secrets of the Bamboo Forest”

Here are the upcoming events

Thats all…


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 26, 2010

Cave expedition and night club party!

Hey everyone!

Club penguin has assured that the cave expedition is going to end on this thursday.. so be sure to check it out.. for the cheats click here:

And billybob said that be sure to check out the night club on Friday.. i guess theres gonna be something special


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 22, 2010

Secret caves exploration…dig dig dig

Hey everyone!

At last.. today we can explore the new caves.. first of all.. i have a new penguin and its name is shaymin1933.. so its me and not anyone else.,.
get ready and grab you jackhammers and start diggin

head down to the mine and get the free miners hat and head to the cave

Heres how it is inside.. we have to throw snowballs inside the big thing to make power and turn the lights on or they go dark in a while

now.. we have to find the hidden treasure..

Put on your hard hat and dance to dig.. after some seconds you will recieve this message..

Click continue and move to a different spot in the Dig Site. keep digging for a while. You will need all four pieces of the treasure to open the entrance to the Hidden Lakes.

When you have all the pieces.. claim the prize

The prize is the amethyst pin

Once you have the pin.. move your mouse over to the big boulder on the right side of ur screen.. it will move and there is a passage behind it leading to the hidden lake..

In the Hidden Lake you can buy a Deep Sea Diving Suit and explore yet another room and get another item for your penguin!

If your a member.. a little more of the expediton lies ahead..

Buy the diving suit.. its only 50 coins

Now as you have ur diving suit… swim to the entrance of the underwater room (member only)

Here u can get the coral reef background (hidden)

Heres where it is..

Thats all.. i guess it was pretty exciting.. lets see what happens next


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 21, 2010

Newspaper #223!

Hey everyone!

The newspaper is here…

The main news is ofcourse about the secret caves down in the mine. and starting jan 22 penguins can help exploring them..

here are the upcoming events:


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 19, 2010

Mine sneak peek!

Hey everyone!

Things are getting more and more interesting down in the Mine. I’m excited to tell you that your hard work is about to pay off – club penguin has a HUGE event planned for this weekend when the rocks are cleared away. Check it out starting Friday! Here is a sneak peek:

What do you think it is? And what do you think we’ll find under the rockslide?


Posted by: Junit Guy | January 16, 2010

New furniture catalog,pin and mine..

Hey everyone!

The new pin is at the iceberg

the new better igloos furniture catalog is here

here are the Cheats:

Click on the middle of the Stone Couch for the Portal Box

Click on the middle rock in the Stone Lamp for the HD TV

Click the Ski’s for the Snowboard Rack

Click the Blue Bird on the Snowman for the Nutcracker

Click the Red Bow for the Small Christmas Tree

Click the star on the Christmas Tree for the Christmas Lights

Click the Modern Blue Chair for the Coat Rack

Click the big piece of wood in the large aquarium for the Shoe Rack

Click the Coffee Table leg for the Wood Stove

Click the Snowball Fort for the Fireplace

Click the top of the Snow Fort for the Icicles

The Upgrade igloos catalog is also here.. there is a new cave igloo

Mine Update

Last week there was a “Rockslide” at the Mine.  Check it out now

Move your mouse over the big rock at the top of the Rockslide.The rock will fall down revealing an opening in the wall!!

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