Posted by: Junit Guy | December 14, 2007

Coins for change+New production at the stage+New POSTCARDS+New Furniture Catalog

Hey guys!

COINS for change!
the Coins for change donations have started.
we can donate coins and there is a free item with it.

We can donate them at the plaza and there is the free item,the bell is with it.

We can also donate them at the Beach,, And the FREE item is also there.

if u wave with the bell it will jingle. (dingdong)

New PRODUCTION at the stage.
the new production at the stage is here.
i like it more than the previous one. do  u like this one or the previous one?? post a comment & tell me!

New Postcards!
The new postcards are:
Happy Holidays!
Seasons Greetings
Merry Christmas

New Furniture CATALOG!
here is what is inside the new Furniture CATALOG!

New items:
Christmas Tree (700 coins)
Small Christmas Tree (400 coins)
Christmas Lights (30 coins)
Christmas Wreath (150, coins)
Giant Candy Cane (100 coins)
Fireplace (1200, coins)
Wood Stove (900 coins)
Door Garland (750 coins)
Toy Train (180 coins)
Presents (400 coins)
Nut Cracker (950 coins)
Moose Head (2000 coins) (Secret item)
Mullet (600 coins) (Secret Item)

Furniture Catalog Secrets:
1. Click the cash of the Cash Register for the Moose head.
2. Click the Upright Piano for the Pipe Organ.
3. Click the Home Stereo for the Concert Lights.
4. Click the fire pit for the candelabra.
5. Click the Ficus plant for Mullet.

Thats all folks!

~Agent Janu~



  1. 😉

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