Posted by: Junit Guy | February 20, 2008

Aqua Grabber!

Hey Penguins! The New Game, AQUA GRABBER is now at the Ice Berg! D

There’s a glitch. What happens is When you walk up to the Game, And Select Yes to the Question “Would you like to Play Aqua Grabber?” The message screen will close and nothing will Happen. To fix this problem, You need to clear your Cache. You can learn to do so by going to

The Game:

Also, If you are wondering where the New Pin is, You have to Complete the New Game to get it.

Thats all folks!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hey Agent Janu This is Waddy28.
    Club Bandit is a group of Penguins and we’re sort of like an army but we’re not violent. We go on various missions and mostly have fun. For more info go to or

  2. Okay If you want, you can start your training on Wednesday, Feb. 27 From 12-6 PM Penguin Standard Time. You can choose a time that is good for you (in between those times). Also, check out the uniforms and don’t forget to visit the sites ( or for more updates! Thanks!


  3. Hey Agent Janu, it’s waddy28 again. I was just wondering if I could be on your blogroll and i would put you on mine, too. Thanks again!

  4. Where is your blogroll? i can’t find it! You are on mine! 🙂 Don’t forget to tell me a good time for you!

  5. it is in the bottom…. at the right!

    ~Agent Janu~

  6. Hey ther u r srry i havent been on I just got lots of auditions n stuff

  7. I love the aqua grabber stuff, but how do you rally tip the iceberg? I REALLY want 10,000 coins! plz reply i want to tip it so bad

  8. to tip the iceberg… u have to be all alone on the iceberg & drill for 2 minutes! if there is someone else who is not drilling.. u cannot tip the iceberg.. if both of u are drilling u can tip it in 1 minute! and u dont get 10,000 coins.. but u get a super secret iceberg catalog. u can buy the puffle and the vikin helmet only if ur a member!
    watch this video for more help pls:

    ~Agent Janu~

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