Posted by: Junit Guy | February 29, 2008

New sports catalog + lures + Pin

Hey guys .. many new things are here!Sports catalog!
the new sports catalog is here…
& i guess u want to know the secrets! so i may tell u..
click on the tennis racket to get the orange football helmet!

New Lures!
the new lures are here.. but the bad thing is… its only 4 members!

New PIN!
the new pin is the Aqua Grabber pin… it is at the pool near the chair!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hi there! I’ve already added you in my Blogroll! You are really nice, thanks!

  2. Hey AJ sorry i havent been on guess ur gettin pretty popular so am i kind!

    ~Freak-A-Leak Pennynicklee

  3. There are 5 levels in the game.

    For more info!

  4. Hey go to my site there is a debate on sumthin gimmie a comment on wat ya think

  5. nvm frget it

  6. great site!!!
    check out mine
    and win big prizes like free member ships and more!!!

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