Posted by: Junit Guy | March 6, 2008

New newspaper!

hey everybody!
the new newspaper’s here!

it says that the St. Patricks day party is cumin!

And also it says that a new play is cumin on the stage.. well actually its not a new play.. its the first play : The Space Adventure.. it is cumin cause it says that many ppl didnt see that one.. and i dont think thatz the problem.. i think its because they r not having anything new in mind… anyway
And here are the upcomin events!

and as usual aunt arctic questions, jokes , riddles , comics etc.

Thats all for today..

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hey that’s cool oh yah n’ uh nvm i frgot anyway have u tagged a prsn? N’ also i gave u my password u can post stuff if u like n’ also IF U WANT u can make funny pics fr my site (Im to lazy to do any)

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