Posted by: Junit Guy | March 31, 2008

Me back!! & April fool’s Party! (newspaper update)

hey every1!
i am back from vacation.. & im real tired..
The April fools party is here!
The free items are:

Swirly glasses at the cove!
And Red proppellers hat at the Ski village! u have to bring ur pointer on the big box. it will open.. go over it n get it..

there are so many silly, funny etc. things around the island.. and also this is my 2nd best party!

and also in the newspaper it is Ask Gary the Gadget guy… not Ask aunt arctic, i think its because aunt arctic is old and cant write any more (lol).. or she is tired of writing… hahaha,, funny isnt it? i guess

~Agent Janu~



  1. haha lol i’ve never use the fraze lol! that is funny though haha! Acually, i herd she fell TRYING to dance, she started doing the robot and fell over the DJ! haha

  2. lol

  3. lol??? Gosh u do use it!

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