Posted by: Junit Guy | April 4, 2008

Big month + Clothing Catalog April’08

hello everyone!
i read on the club penguin site that March was a big month,, but april will also be A big month!

Here are just a few things to look for:

  • A Brand New Mission!
  • The Return of Rockhopper!
  • Book Room Update!
  • New Igloo!
  • New Room!

And we can also go on the migrator!

 The Clothing catalog April’08 is here!

Click on the Pot of Gold to get the Red viking helmet. open and close it 4 times to get the Blue Viking helmet.
Click on the teeths of the penguin to get the Cheesy Tie.
See ya folks!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hey AJ Whats Up Go Check Out My Site or my other site which is

  2. Isn’t the new ties in the catalog great?

  3. haha nice siggy dat rox AJ

  4. who started dat nick name anyways?

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