Posted by: Junit Guy | July 4, 2008

New Pin and Clothing and Wig Catalog!

Hey ya all!

First of all

New pin
Firework Rocket Pin
Location: Cove, On the Umbrella
How to get it: Go to the log next to the umbrella

And the new clothing Catalog is here! and its very cool!
Here are the secrets:

To get the Red Viking Helmet, click the belt of the Supernova Suit.
To get the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.

Click on the Diver Gear meter for the Diver Helmet.

Click on the Green Tabard for the Woodman’s Hat.

Click on the White part of the Emerald Hat for the Crystal Staff

Click on the Green Rubber Boot for the Cheesy Tie.

There are two new Wigs in the Wig Catalog.
Here is the secret.

Click on the Spiker for the Spikette. 

And if u go to the Iceberg or the Mountain,, today the Fireworks are making a SOUND!

~Agent Janu~

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