Posted by: Junit Guy | July 16, 2008

Lot of New Features!

Hello Everyyyyyyybodyyy!!

i am very excited because the time has finally come, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. The new features have been launched! Still a bit confused? Here’s a tutorial about every feature.

1. Penguin Mail Walkthrough

• Click on the envelope in the top left of your screen. 

• Club Penguin sends one message to you, and they give you a free Blue Messengers Bag! Just click “Get Item.”

• Penguin Mail allows you to send postcards to friends who aren’t even online! Click on ‘New Message’ to view the postcards. There is a whole different selection to choose from. Here is an image of a new postcard.

Most of you might be wondering, “If someone sends me a buddy request, will it still be an envelope?” No! When someone asks to be your buddy a picture of a postcard will show up! Explore everything of Penguin Mail, there is still more to cover.

2. Server Update Walkthrough

• Suggested Servers-These servers are ones Club Penguin recommends, like servers with buddies on, or the main servers you go on. 

• Don’t like your suggestions? Click on the yellow note in the corner. It will give you all of the servers in alphabetical order. Say Good-Bye to different countries,

3. Player Card Feature

Ok, this reminds me of safe-chat talking. Every type of clothing item is in a different category. It makes it easier to find items fast. Also, if you may have noticed, some clothing items are more detailed with shadows and shading. When you click on your player card your clothes slowing appear. 

4. Igloo Background Scenery Feature

A forest scenery is in the background of igloos. Do you like it? When you click on members igloos, it will show a map with different igloos on it! Click on one to visit it.

Other Features:

• A spy-phone is above the map on the screen, not on your player card.

• The green puffle from the Dance Club is now at the Ice-Rink. It plays with the puck, we can’t play hockey anymore

• If you press the spacebar in the chatbox and press enter, a blank box will appear

• You can sit in any position while waiting to Sled Race.

That’s a LOT of new features! Go check it out!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Its really awesome! aint it?

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