Posted by: Junit Guy | July 25, 2008

Music Jam!

Hey everyone!

The first Music Jam in Club Penguin is finally here! Here are all the cheats and free items.

A Music Jam T-Shirt can be found in the Plaza.

Maracas have returned! They are at the Cove.

At the Snow Forts there is a Shirt Stand. You must be a member to buy the shirts, there is also an exclusive Back Stage Pass.

At the Dock, there is an entry way to Back Stage, you must have your Back Stage Pass or you’re not allowed in!

Inside there is a catalog with musical instruments. (Click to enlarge.)

There is one cheat in the catalog. Click on the ”i” in Music for the Red Electric Guitar.

Other Features: Click on each feature to see a picture!

• In the bottom corner of the screen there is an applause bottom.

• Stand on a stage in any room to create music.

• At the mine, there are musical icicles.

• At the Dojo, step on each pad to create music of that instrument.

• Press the red button at the Lighthouse to make confetti everywhere.

• At the Cave/Pool you can step on piano keys to make sound. Click on the switch so you can hear when other people step on keys.

• At the Ice Berg the Penguin Band is performing.

Isn’t this awesome! I think it’s my favorite party yet!

Don’t forget about the new DJ 3K game.. its really cool! we can mix music and we also get coins!

~Agent Janu~


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