Posted by: Junit Guy | August 1, 2008

New Pin & Clothing Catalog!

Hey everyone!

You can find the pin at the night club under the dancing puffle under a speaker. Scroll your mouse over the puffle to see.

clothing catalog:
The new Clothing Catalog is here.. im sure that ur eager to know the secrets..
Here are the Secrets:

Click the blue part of the Glacier Suit to get the Jade Necklace.

For the red Viking Helmet click the wig on the lime green penguin.

Open and close the red viking helmet four times to get the blue viking helmet.

For the Mixed Bracelet, click the left Pink Sneaker.

Click the top left of the Purple Shield to get the Woodman’s Hat.

In other news…
Rockhopper can now be seen from the telescope.

And i also have updated the site header because i changed the clothes i used to wear..

~Agent Janu~


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