Posted by: Junit Guy | August 6, 2008

New Aqua Grabber Levels Guide!

Hey everyone!

The new levels in Aqua Grabber have come out. You can now choose from two differnt places, Clam Waters and Soda Seas. Clam Waters is basically the old version of Aqua Grabber except this time you get the Pearl from a giant oyster. Also for each place, there are differnt stages to pass such as racing against the clock, and finsihing without loosing a sub.

Its more nice now,,. check it out,, here is a guide to do the first level:

This is a full guide to the new level, and some tricks and tips to help you make it there from the first.

Level 1

  1. Collect the pearls among the small clams, black pearls are worth extra.


  2. Get the big pearl at the end by switching it with the pearl shaped rock. This is on the right side of the bottom of aqua grabber, opposite of the giant clam.


  3. Here is where you replace it, if you don’t drop the rock in first, the clam will eat you.

    Giant Clam

You are now done with the level, in those 3 easy steps. Use the openings with no water to restore your tank from loosing. i am trying to do the 2nd level.

In other news: Rockhopper’s reaching soon!.. i think he will be here this Friday.. here is a pic from the telescope:

Also the Music Jam ended today 😦

~Agent Janu~


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