Posted by: Junit Guy | September 25, 2008

New Newspaper!

Hey Everyone!
Today a new issue of the Club Penguin Time’s was released.

First, go to the last page of the newspaper. Their you will find a small paper on aunt arctic’s table. Click on it and the following message will appear.

Click the center of the paper. Doing that, will redirect you to another page. After you get to the page, click on the red book that is being held by the green penguin.

Another paper will be shown. Click on the center of the paper.

Click on the cookie the pink penguin is holding.

Click the middle of the paper once again.

Now click on the TV that is on the top right of the paper.

Continuously, click on the paper.

Next, click on the green penguin’s cup of coffee.

Now a message from G will appear. It’s basically telling you to prepare for a new fun and exciting mission.

i found this secret from Mohd222..

For the club penguin fall fair, their are lots of new secrets hidden. Club Penguin members will be able to enter a special room in Club Penguin. It will have special games for the members

Here are the Upcoming Events:

Dont forget! Fall fair starting 2morrow 😀

~Agent Janu~


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