Posted by: Junit Guy | September 26, 2008

Fall Fair and new Pin!

Hey everyone!

The Fall Fair has started!

The Lolli Pop Pin is located at the Lighthouse

The Prize Booth is at the Forest this year, 1 new prize has been added; Giant Green Sunglasses.

There’s a passage only for members at the Snow Forts

Try out different games, and earn your tickets for the prizes, more prizes are also gonna cum.. and remember.. dont log off or ur tickets will be wasted!

And from today i will be going to the server Aurora.. so if u wanna meet me.. u can meet me in the server Aurora!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Great Post! 😛
    Nice Site! 😀

    Comment back! 😉


  2. GREAT!

    I really wanna work for ur site again as admin.

    WordPress Email:

    Come on doesn’t it get a little hard working on ur

    own? u gotta admit, look at this site. 9/10. And

    everything u have to update. If ur a real pal u

    would add me plz. I will add u to my wordpress, it

    is like my but I got

    read of my tripod and switched. Agent janu can

    we meet? on cp…

    Date: October 1st

    Time:12:00 EST, 9:00 PST, 11:00 Central

    Server: Aurora

    Place: Plaza

    Who I am meeting: Agent Janu

    Who you are meeting: Littlerockyr

    Really hope u add me!


  3. oops wrong wordpress account

  4. hey uh meet me today if u get this and come onto the same place though make it tonight at 8:00pm

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