Posted by: Junit Guy | October 29, 2008

Halloween Party!

Hey guys!

The Halloween Party started!

u can get the pumpkin baskets at the snow forts

There is also a secret room..
Go to the book room and click on the green candle

a secret passage will open up…But its only for members because we need a Rad scientist costume to enter the room

There is also a candy scavenger hunt, and here are all the locations of them!

1) Go to the Snow Forts and lower the Blue Flag for a candy bar.

2) Go to the Dance Lounge and click on the tall lamp for a candy corn.

3) In the Lodge Attic click on the blue box for a lolli-pop.

4) Go to the Plaza and click on the cauldron and pick up the candy piece.

5) At the Cove click on the Swimming Caution sign.

A pumpkin candy will be tossed on top of the Surf Hut.

6) Go to the Ice Berg and click on the Northern Lights, a cube candy will be outlined in starts.

7) This is cool, go to the Beacon and wait for lightning to flash 3 times. A caramel apple will hang out the pumpkins eye!

8. The last piece of candy is in the Book Room, open the book on top of the shelfs.

Once you finish you receive a Pumpkin Patch Background as a reward!

And also the storm is covering the sky.. and lightning also occurs…

this is my 3rd best PARTY!!

~Agent Janu~


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