Posted by: Junit Guy | October 30, 2008

New Newspaper!

Hey everyone!

the newspaper is here and the main news is about Halloween is here!

and more igloo winners are announced!

And on page A7 gary has given a lightning warning!

And the new play is delayed

There is also a bonus puzzle on page C4

Here are the upcoming events:

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hey Agent Janu! Now and then like I do I will alert you about updates. Actually, the halloween party is over, but club penguin has changed a bit.

    -New Map Of Club Penguin
    -Dojo Destroyed
    -Roof Of Dojo Revealed
    -Strange Guy Shoveling With Name Of “??????”
    -New Trading Card Game Coming Soon
    -Update On Community Blog About Plush Toys

    All this you can get from


    NOTE: These Pictures Have My Penguin In Them.

    Or If You Like I Can Take Some Pictures With An Empty Room Without Me Or Anyone Else! Thanks!


  2. Sorry for advertising, just trying to help ya out

    Comment Back!

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