Posted by: Junit Guy | November 4, 2008

Dojo construction and hard hat!

Hey everyone!

The halloween party has finished…

and in latest news:

I went on Club Penguin and found construction at the Dojo! The storm from the Halloween Party buried the Dojo in snow and it got struck with lightning. Here’s a picture of the cool new map, now go to the Dojo.

Grab a hard helmet in the Dojo to start digging out the snow.

Climb the ladder and go through the hole out the Dojo.

You’ll enter the outside mountains of the Dojo! Start digging! But who is this mystery man digging in the corner of the room?

He must be a old ninja or something, look at the color of his skin and his clothes. Here is a picture of his player card.

He must be up to something, I don’t know about you but I think ninjas are finally coming! what do ya think.. comment n tell me!

~Agent Janu~



  1. AJ i think that penguin is the secret worker of club penguin

  2. maybe.. but y has he covered his face…
    This is a MYSTERY! lol…
    i’ll tell u as soon as i get sum information

  3. Doing nice man!

  4. if you are on comment back plz or get on msn or somethin COMMENT BACK!

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