Posted by: Junit Guy | November 11, 2008

Dojo Update and Coins for change!

Hey everyone!

updates have been made to the Dojo. The Dojo icon on the map has been changed.

Training to be a ninja will be available November 17th.

By digging out the Dojo, we are digging out the Ninja’s village! The Ninja village will most likely be completely dug out on November 24, 2008! November 24, 2008 is most likely the date that the Ninja party will begin!

and i know who the penguin with no name is.. he is a ninja trainer

Ninjas are being spotted all over Club Penguin. Look around and be alert. If you click the ‘N’ on Nightclub, a ninja will appear.


On December 12th, we’ll have a chance to participate in the “Kids helping kids” program. The coins for change program was a great success last year, and I know we’re all pumped up to help others in need.
for the penguins who are new, the coins for change was held last year.. we could donate coins and they would help poor children in real!

~Agent Janu~


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