Posted by: Junit Guy | November 18, 2008

How to become a ninja!

Hey evryone!

1. First, go to the Dojo. Go to the Sensei. he is hiding under the arch

You will need to work you way up from a White belt, to a Black Belt, then you will become an Official Ninja, and will be able to go into the Special Ninja Room.

Click the messages the Sensei sends you, then cards shows up, click them to take your starting

3. You must battle other players with these cards.

4. Continue clicking the Sensei’s messages and finally, he will ask you if you are ready to learn, and say “Yes, Please“.

5. First, you pick a card to play.

6. Here’s how the cards work.

  • Water is better then fire.
  • Fire is better then snow.
  • Snow is better then water.

7. When both cards are the same, the card with the highest number will win.

Make ur way to the highest n become a ninja.. and u will get to buy this ninja suit

~Agent Janu~



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