Posted by: Junit Guy | November 24, 2008

How many wins u need to get the belts!

Hey everyone!

i got this information about how many time u have to win get the belts:

White Belt: 5 wins
Yellow Belt:7 wins
Orange Belt:9 wins
Green Belt:11 wins
Blue belt:13 wins
Red Belt:15 wins
Purple Belt:18 wins
Brown Belt:19 wins
Black Belt:20 wins

~Agent Janu~



  1. thats true!!

  2. i am a ninja

  3. do you kno

  4. hi thanks…

  5. kool kool thanks

  6. gud

  7. r u sure because im trying it and i think it will work

  8. thats true!! thanks

  9. thanks man!!

  10. Actually, for the white belts, it took me 3 wins, for the yellow belts, it took me 4 wins, for the orange belts, it took me 6 wins. So, it’s like a pattern like this – 1, 1, 2, and I suppose the next one will be 8 wins. 🙂 I totally kept counting when i won belts.

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