Posted by: Junit Guy | December 12, 2008

Rockhopper,Coins for change, New Furniture catalog secrets,New Play

Hey everyone!

Rockhopper is here and here are the items he brought


here are the 3 places you can donate to Coins for Change:
The plaza
The Beach
The Captains quarters

And this is how it will look when you donate, first you will choose between 3 crisis you want to donate.


Then select the amount you want to donate to it.


Lastly,  you are done and if you want just do it all over again to donate some more!


Also, here is the hidden cheat in the stage catalog. To get the ‘Crook & Flail’ click on the golden puffle:


And here are the hidden cheats on the furniture catalog. First one, click on the holly berries and you will get the leaning tree:


Click on the velvet rope and you will get the Welcome Mat:



Here are 5 new postcards on club penguin:

\new-postcard-01new-postcard-02 new-postcard-03new-postcard-04 new-postcard-05

~Agent Janu~



  1. you missed 1 thing which is the hand bell

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