Posted by: Junit Guy | December 16, 2008

Rockhopper finding Guide!

As you may know, Rockhopper has arrived back to Club Penguin. To help you find him, I made a helpful guide. If you follow my guide, I am sure you will find Rockhopper at least once.

Now if you want to take time to look for Rockhopper, and help others, then follow this guide.

First you need to know if Rockhopper is online or offline. If his ship is at the front of the Club Penguin home page , then he is online. You used to be able to type in his user name and a random pass, but that has been fixed now.

When you find Rockhopper, you can’t be his buddy. Instead, he will give you an item (for members and non members). For the time he is here, he will be giving out the Rockhopper background.

The next thing you should know is that Rockhopper is a Club Penguin account. One of the Club Penguin staff members may be on him, or they may have a bot controlling him. He can go onto any server, but he is mostly found on the servers Mammoth, Frozen, Mittens, Rocky Road, and any other highly populated servers.

Rockhopper is slightly larger then the average penguin. He wears a big pirate hat and their will usually be a pack of penguins piled around him. If you see lots of penguins on a server wearing the color red, then Rockhopper may have been on, or he may still be on. Since rooms can hold unlimited players now, you will be able to get to Rockhopper easier. Sometimes they may be full, but that rarely happens.

Almost every penguin wants to meet Rockhopper. They will do almost anything just to meet him. He usually stays on a server for 10 – 15 minutes.

Rockhopper is most likely to be at the Dock, Ship Hold, the Beach, the Plaza, and the Pizza Parlor. He’s usually on at times when many penguins are on. Though he sometimes comes on at night when their are little or no penguins on.

Use the following club penguin rockhopper finding guide to find rockhopper.

  1. Check all the (popular) servers. Servers that aren’t normally full, but are currently full may be a sign that he’s on.
  2. Check these rooms; The Dock, The Beach, The Migrator, Ship Hold, The Plaza, and or the Pizza Parlor. He will most likely be found somewheres on the Migrator.
  3. If a room appears to be full, try to get in.
  4. If you see all kinds of penguins on a server shouting Rockhopper, it’s probably a sign that he is on somewhere.
  5. If you see penguins walking around wearing the color red, then Rockhopper may be on.

To get the free item from Rockhopper, open his player card, and click a wink emoticon and receive gift. (Normally where you would add a buddy at.)

This guide will be available on the Page “Rockhopper Finding Guide”

~Agent Janu~




  2. Nice Guide,
    But cant you just use JC’s button
    to find RH

    Visit my site sometime,

  3. Daily Visitor/Friend *Littlerockyr*: Hey Agent Janu, sorry I was gone, I really wanna get on Club Penguin and add you, so here we go…

    Day: Thursday
    Date: December 25th(Christmas!!!!)
    Room: Iceberg
    Server: Mukluk
    Time: 5:00PM(EST),2:00(PST),4:00(Central)



  4. why dont you update of the cristmas party in clubpenguin which started on december 19th please update it first i am feeling tough to do things in clubpenguin

  5. You know, you have a reasonable question, I ask that sometimes, Here are some updates for you…

    3 Posts Needing Updated On Community Blog

    Christmas Party Started

    New Pin Hidden(Ski Lodge)

    Free Items(Santa Hat(Snow Forts)
    Santa Beard(Ski Village)

    Snowing(At Iceberg And Ski Mountain)


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