Posted by: Junit Guy | January 4, 2009

Cant update!

hey everyone!

i know i have not been updating!! and i cant… i have very much schoolwork! so i need sumone to update my site daily.. 
who wants it should obey the following rules

1.i dont want someone to take hold of my site.. i want sumone who will only write new posts upto date..just like i used to do

2. not to delete sumthing or add any page..

3. i want sumbudy who already has a website  b4..

4. i dont want him to write posts that say that go to his/her site to see the  update..

He/her should only add new posts and nothing else

who wants this site may comment n tell and i will see if hes capable of doing it… and its not that i will not update anymore… i will update often..

~Agent Janu



  1. Hello???? Littlerockyr= BACK UP PLAN! LOL! ADD ME AS EDITOR OR ADMIN

    or email me ur wordpress pass like u did when u went on vacation at

  2. and sorry about the last time, i wont let u down!

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