Posted by: Junit Guy | February 4, 2009

new paint by letters book!

Hello everyone!

The new Paint by Letters book has finally been released and is called Lime Green Dojo Clean.

Find the new book in the Book Room. Click on either the book shelf, or on the bottom right book. Then, click on the green book called Lime Green Dojo Clean:


Coins are hidden throughout the book. Hidden coins can be found on the following pages:

Page 4 – Click the mop and drag it to the outside of the Dojo. Then, use the mop to clean the outside of the Dojo to reveal a hidden coin.


Page 6 – Move the line green paint bucket for a hidden coin.


Page 8 – Click and drag the paint ball until it wears out reveal a coin.


Page 10 – Move the penguin around with your cursor to clean the Dojo roof.


Page 12 – Click and highlight the Dojo wall panels green to earn a coin.


Page 14 – Move the paint bucket to the right to reveal a hidden coin.


Page 16 – Move and navigate the light bulb through three different mazes to discover a hidden coin.


Page 18 – Exchange the capes on the penguin’s flippers for socks.


Collect all of the hidden coins to earn a coin bonus of 640 coins.


Let me know what you think of Lime Green Dojo Clean!

~Agent Janu~



  1. i get tired of writing.

  2. i get tired of writing in the dojo lime green book.

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