Posted by: Junit Guy | February 19, 2009

Newspaper and sneek peek!

Hey everyone!

the newspaper is here! and guess what, this is a puffle special newspaper! puffles are on every page!!!

here are the upcoming events:

many of u were waiting for rockhopper right.. well he is coming on 27th!!

also here is a sneek peek i found on the blog:

these posters will be availabe in the new furniture catalog!

in other news: today i found 4 invisible penguins on the server north pole!

So what do u think?

~Agent Janu~

be sure to check my website for daily updates!



  1. do you want a cp penguin with member ship? so log on to

    user name:Historyboy1
    password :*****

    by agent janu: i edited it so nobody else would ban it

  2. what did you edit

  3. Hay can i know the club penguin acc with membership can we share email me at

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