Posted by: Junit Guy | February 26, 2009

Interesting Newspaper!

Hello everyone!

the newspaper is here.. rockhopper is coming tomorrow

and guess what there is a special report in the newspaper.. yes.. its about the white puffles who are appearing these days.. cp has written that they are very shy and just when we look at them they dissappear.. lets see what will happen next.. here is a pic of that page:

Club penguin will be having a snow sculptures contest… and they need ur drawings..
Gary the gadget guy has been saving snow in the attic since january, and it will be used to make snow sculptures.. penguins are invited to submit drawings that they want to see made into snow sculptures… 15 drawings will be picked and the lucky winners will get a prize of 10,000 coins and have their statue put somewher in a room.. just go on that page of the newspaper and submit ur art, winners will be judges by march 20.

here are the upcoming events:

In other news.. ppl are saying rockhopper will bring a very old rare free item this time.. but i say he should bring a new one.. what do u want him to bring?

~Agent Janu~


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