Posted by: Junit Guy | March 20, 2009

Penguin Play awards and New furniture catalog!

Hey everyone!

First of all… The Penguin Play Awards

The Penguin Play Awards are here, but is for members only.

You can vote at the plaza for the best play u like!

Second of all… New Furniture Catalog cheats

Club Penguin has realeased a new furniture catalog… below are the cheats..

check out the cover of the catalog

here are the secrets:

Click on the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball.

Click the word “Puffle” for the white puffle poster.

Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table.catalog-secret3

Click the Pinata for the Fish Aquarium.

Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat.

Click on the snow castle for the birdhouse


there is also a new igloo upgrade catalog… in that the new thing is the resturant is a pic

this was cool right? be sure to check my site for daily updates.. see ya!

~Agent Janu~

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