Posted by: Junit Guy | March 27, 2009

New Sports catalog and new pin!

Hey everyone!

The new pin is a top hat pin it is in the lodge attic on the couch

Here are the cheats of the new sports catalog

Click the yellow penguin in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform and Cap.

Click the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Ball Cap.

and also the new font is here.. type in something in cp chat bar and see the new font!

~Junit Guy~



  1. Omg cant wait till april 2 things april fools and my birthdays in april i hope they resese alot for april and i hope they relese some shoes 4 free coz im non mem 😦 and i got no shoes
    btw theres new items in the ninja catalog there real kewl

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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