Posted by: Junit Guy | March 30, 2009

New books!

Hey everyone!

Club Penguin has realeased two new books, well not the books which u can read in the book room but books in real life, if u buy that book u can unlock items online.

here is the pic of the two new books:

if u have any of those books u can unlock items online.. here are the steps how to unlock them:

1. Log in ur penguin
2. click on the unlock items online picture on the upper right corner
3. select “I Have a book”
4. select the book u have
5. There will be a question, Find the answer in the book and write there
6. Click on Done
7. If the answer is correct u will unlock some coins and a blue book that u can wear on ur penguin,

after u have unlocked them press play now.

go in any server and now open ur player card.. put the book on (it is a hand item)

ur penguin will have the book in its hand..

here is a pic of my penguin with the book

and if u sit down , ur penguin will read the book.. but its just showing like that. u can not read anything.. here is a pic of how it will look:

Thats all for today folks!

~Junit Guy~


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