Posted by: Junit Guy | April 1, 2009

April Fools Party!

Hello Everyone!

the april fools party is here.. there are lot of foolings going around the island!

click on all the boxes and see what happens..

The free item is The Blue Proppeler Hat, It is at the Mine. u will have to click on the crate on the lower right side.. and it will open up

it is very fun.. u can also walk on the dojo walls!
here are two pics

and if u click on the arrows at many rooms.. they will rotate and change direction

There is also an only members room at the snow forts, its called the box store!
inside u can buy boxes for ur furniture… here is how it looks inside

and in the cove if u click on the tree at the left side.. all the trees move… its sorta creepy..

my favorite box is the one on the chair at the beach..cuz it wears
whats ur favorite box?

~Junit Guy~



  1. bro u doin the work which i told you

  2. wow cool cheats!

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