Posted by: Junit Guy | May 3, 2009

Updates and Clothing Catalog cheats!

Hey everyone!

sorry for the late update

The clothing catalog has arrived, with a few other updates.

First off, you can find various things set up around Club Penguin. For the medieval party

Now for the catalog. Click on the last window on the first page of items for the woodsman hat.

Click on the dragon on page 2 for a blue dragon suit.

On the third page, click on the tea cup on the left for a black graduation

On the seventh/eighth page, click the place where the lights cross for a red viking helmet. Click on it four times for a

On the first/second page of clearance, click the sign that reads “fee” for the spikester.

On the third/fourth page of clearance, click the pocket on the purple hoodie for the boa.


and also if ur a secret agent or a tour guide u will get ur monthly pays… i got mine.. they are like this:
For secret agents:

To tour guides:

Also check out the new ninja login page!club-penguin-ninjas

I’ll be updating better, faster, stronger soon!

~Junit Guy~


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