Posted by: Junit Guy | May 17, 2009

Book updates.. medievals party is gonna be over!

Hey everyone!

some of the books of club penguin lke The Secret Agent Handbook, Waddle Lot of Laughs, The Inventor’s Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, Igloo Makeover, Stowaway and Stuck on Puffles are now all available at book stores. And just like with a lot of the Club Penguin toys, some of the books will give you a special code and you’ll be able to unlock items online!

so what do u think?

also.. the medieval party is gonna end today! so heres a recap:
the free item is the wizard hat… it is in the light house on the table at the left

And there is a special quest for members.. which u can view by clicking the Knights needed sign in the town

and if u click go there… u will teleport to the cave.. because there is a member only room there… and the members can go in there and do the quest!

and also u can find another pin.. its the King Crown pin.. to get it… go to the boiler room and click on the Bucket containing lava above the Pin Maker 3000 and the pin maker will make it.. now walk to the pin and get it!

and there is also a medieval catalog… its in the gift shop just above the penguin style catalog..
medieval catalog

so remember to get these things b4 the party is over!

~Junit Guy~


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