Posted by: Junit Guy | May 28, 2009


Hey everyone!

the newspaper is here!

the main news is about that rockhopper is here until May 31 and in the interview hes saying that his plants are growing too fast and he needs help… this is a mystery… but i have guessed why the plants are here…

as u can see in this picture that the plants are growing on the beach
plants on beach

and also there are going to be new levels of card jitsu..

and as i told u yesterday… the dojo igloo contest is going to start from June 1-13
dojo igloo contest

and there are going to be new songs as said in the upcoming events.. they will be realeased on May 29 (tomorrrow)

and also in the upcoming events it is written that there will be and adventure party from June 12-16
june 31
now… as i told u that i know why rockhopper brought the plants.. it is because club penguin wanted to keep a party.. the adventure party… so thats why rh brought the plants… cuz there will be too much plants and then they will keep a party…just like in 2007 there was a water party because a crab broke the underground pool glass and there was too much water!

by the way here are the upcoming events:

~Junit Guy~


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