Posted by: Junit Guy | June 13, 2009

Adventure Party!

Hey everyone!

the adventure party is here..

the first free item is the safari hat… it is found at the plaza
safari hat

there is also an adventure hunt.. here are the answers:

1. in the pool.. click on the gray fish outside the window

2. at the cove… click two times on the curving plant beside the surf boards..

3. at the dock.. click on the turtle shell.. when it climbs on the rock.. click on it again

4. at the snow forts.. click 3 times on the bush beside the sign “Super Pool”

5. at the iceberg.. click on the fountain at the left so u can see the whale.. now click on the whale

6. at the plaza.. click on any of the flower bud near the binoculars so that they turn into flowers.. click on them again

7. at the beach click on the bubbles at the bottom right so that a jellyfish comes.. click on the jellyfish

8. this is the last one… at the forest click on the bright look i can sit on water:

congratulations u found them all… u r not wise at all because u saw here and found them… lol im just claim the prize
adventure prize

the prize is the second free item.. the adventure party background
adventure background prize

there is also a members only room.. u can go to it from the forest if ur a member.. in that room there is another free item..

in other news:  the pin contest result is here.. and pin “b” has won

~Junit Guy~


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