Posted by: Junit Guy | June 30, 2009


Hey everyone!

i have some updates..

The Sensei sent all the penguins a message about his special appearance at the Ninja Hideout. He has invited all of us to join him in the Ninja Hideout July 3 – 5.

– – – – –

Club Penguin is now available in Spanish. To change the language of Club Penguin, look for this tool at the top of the screen:

language tool

If your using English, it’s what we normally see. The Spanish language is very different.  Everything we read and see will be in Spanish. Here are the Spanish servers:

spanish servers

Mostly Spanish penguins will be using this language of Club Penguin, but it is open to everyone. It’s really cool to see everyone typing in Spanish, and if you don’t know Spanish, you can choose a word from the word selection list.

– – – – – – –

i forgot to update about the DJ3K music tracks.. To find the new DJ3K music tracks, go to the Night Club and click on the tracks right next to the DJ3K game. You can  access the catalog through the purple flier in the bottom right of the room.

You can choose three different tracks: Jungle, Funky, and Festival. u can also choose ur songs when u log in.. it will say wether they are member on non members

You can also bring your yellow puffle into the DJ3K game. All you have to do is take your pet on a walk to the Night Club. Then enter the game, select a track, and your puffle will dance.

~Junit Guy~


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