Posted by: Junit Guy | August 9, 2009

Underwater adventure!

Hey everyone!

as u have seen there is another leak in the pool glass…

but this time not by the crab.. as it was done by the crab in 2007!

in 2007 a crab cracked the glass and water began to flow out.. clubpenguin launched the water party.. and last year there was another water party.. and this year there is also going to be a water party..

as u have seen in my recent post that Gary the Gadget Guy is calling on all penguins to be ready to help with a small problem in the underground pool.

underground pool problem

Gary also mentioned that while penguins are busy fixing the leak, Club Penguin may even throw us a party. Yes cp is throwing the underwater adventure from August 21-September 10

Underwater Party 09 Promo

many people have said that it is not a party but a stage play… well.. im not sure now but if i get some info i will post!

in other news there are some boxes and a project of building a hot air balloon is going on in the forest.. the picture shows a hot air balloon and there is also a hot air balloon in the box.. any ideas what it means?

if u have anymore clues pls comment!

~Junit Guy~


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