Posted by: Junit Guy | August 14, 2009

New pin and Festival of flight!

Hey everyone!

The new pin is here… it is the sand castle pin and it can be found at the mine!
sand castle pin


the free item is the green propeller hat which can be found at the plaza!
green proppeller

members can take the balloon ride in the forest and go to the tallest mountain and get the jetpack item!
ballon  ride


and also check out the cloud make 3000 at the ski hill.. if u press the red button it makes the cloud of the pic that comes on the screen! it makes clouds of fish, duck, the migrator ship and puffles

club penguin is actually flying.. u can see from many places that the island is actually up in the sky!
cp sky

at the beacon there is a large propeller instead of the lamp! and from the telescope u can see the sky!

The night club floor is made of glass… u can see the clouds beneath it !
night club

the cause of this party..cp is flying because cp needed to fix the pool glass.. they needed to take the island up so that there wont be any water and they can fix it without trouble!
pool con

what do u think of the party?

~Junit Guy~

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