Posted by: Junit Guy | August 21, 2009

Underwater adventure and Furniture catalog cheats

Hey everyone!

Underwater Adventure

the underwater adventure is here.. its not bad but its not as good as i expected it
the left side of the decorations looks like it is copied from the play fairy fables..

if u click on the third from the right button on the switch box a shadow of a worm type creature appears behind
underwater adventure

and there are no cheats in the costume trunk..

Furniture Catalog

the furniture catalog of August and September is here.. its really coolAug Sept

there are two new floor items.
Polka Dot

here are the cheats:

On Page 1 to find the Bowling Pin click on the stove burner.
bowling pin cheat

On page2 to find the Bowling Alley click on the top left window.
bowling alley cheat

On page 2 to find the Fridge click on the buttons on the left side of the stove.
fridge cheat

On Page 3 to find the Band Stage click on the gramophone record.
band stage cheat

On page 3 to find the Wall Speakers click on the disk of the DJ Table.
wall speakers cheat

On page 4 to find the Guitar Stand click on the Stone Column Ruins.
guitar stand cheat

On page 4to find the LCD Television click on the fire of the bamboo torch.
lcd television cheat

On page 6 to find the Penguin Knight Sculpture click on the Medieval Banner.
penguin knight sculpture cheat

Thats all folks!

~Junit Guy~


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