Posted by: Junit Guy | August 28, 2009

New pin and clothing catalog!

Hey everyone!

The new pin is a koi fish pin.. it can be found at the cove

The sports catalog is also here…there are no cheats.

In other news: the migrator is in the telescope… rockhopper will be reaching on friday!

and preparations for the fall fair has begun… there are boxes in the lighthouse..

~Junit Guy~



  1. Hey! I have noticed something and I think it could pop up during the Fair. As you all know, the Festival of Flight was held for fun, and so that Gary could fix the glass at the pool. (before it flooded again like last year.) I was at the festival, and even helped Gary put the new glass in. If you go to the pool right now though, more than a week after Gray fixed it, you will see that the Glass is still leaking. I wonder if this means:
    *it is just a glitch and will be fixed
    *CP will get flooded again in time for the fair
    *it could mean a new mission… involving a petty polar bear and his Klutzy crab companion

    please respond! no one else seems to notice!

    • yeah.. it is there… i think that its the frozen water.. i mean when it leaked some water would freeze right..
      and yeah it can mean that a new mission is cuming
      see ya~

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