Posted by: Junit Guy | September 4, 2009

Fall fair….Rockhopper and Clothing catalog!

Hey everyone!

So many things are here today!

First.. The Fall fair

Play the games and earn tickets.. u can view the number of tickets u have from the top right of ur screen!

U can exchange ur tickets for prizes at the Forest at the prize booth!
prize booth


There are still many prizes to come..

Members can acces the great puffle circus from the forest..inside there is another prize booth.. this booth has even more cool stuff,, if ur a member u can access it and get the prizes

Rockhopper has also arrived.. he brought back the old rare winged helmet!.. this item was very rare.. but it isnt now 😉


the Sept-Oct clothing catalog is also here.. its is really cool!
here are the cheats:

Click on the mouse for the black bow tie
black bow tie
The viking helmets are in there old place.. open and close the red viking helmet 3 times for the blue viking helmet..
viking helmet

Thats all folks!

so many things for today!

~Junit Guy~

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