Posted by: Junit Guy | December 18, 2009

Christmas party and pin!

Hey everyone!

The christmas party is here!

This time its totally different! the sky is dark with glowing stars and many other stuff is new!

The free item is the old santa hat!

There is a special thing for members!

Press go there or just go to the dance lounge (upstairs in the nightclub)

Go up to the roof of the can go there only if ur a member.. you arrive on santas sleigh.. u have to deliver the presents.

Once you take off there is a green sign that says how many presents you still have to deliver, press the red Present Release Button across from it to drop presents into chimneys!

Make sure to click the present release before its right above the chimney to give it a few seconds to fall into the chimney.

You have to deliever 15 presents to get the free item

also the new pin is here.. its the snowman pin.. u can find it at the attic above the ski lodge,

Thats all for today.. check out the decorations.. theyre pretty cool!



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