About me

hey everyone! here is a little about me:

I have 4 penguins.. Junit Guy,Agent Janu, Shaymin and fatyboy3.. Shaymin1933 and fatyboy3 are members. Junit Guy and Agent Janu are nonmembers..i am also known as AJ…

I joined Club Penguin on March 10, 2007. I started this site in May 2 2007. This website is dedicated to my friends, family, and all the penguins in need out there. u can find daily updates about parties, pins, catalogs and many other things on this site!

hope u like my site!



  1. Cool Site!

  2. like your rules good idea. I think you have a really cool web page. See you on club penguin!
    p.s bey

  3. hi again 🙂 just like to say i think that your outfits r cool.

  4. Looks like u urself are a rapper.. so do i

  5. Dude…Nice Site!

  6. cool site man!

  7. man ur outfit’s cool !

  8. Cool site man!

  9. yo homey wats up? its me Agent Safeer..wow u maDE A COOOOOOOOOOOOOL WEB SITE
    U RULE Man

  10. I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.

  11. thanks!

  12. U rock!

  13. man i always visit ur site because u put alll the imformation i need!
    Keep it coming!

  14. i love grand theft auto

  15. Man this site is coooooooooooooooooooool

  16. luv ur site and ur superhero penguins…good job!


  18. this site is sweet

  19. Is this a wordpress site? If so how do you get copyscape.

    Reply By AJ:: i bought it

  20. someone just broke on of the rules! o i almost forgot THIS SITE IS AWESOME!


  22. Awesome website its so cool how old are you? Also I think it would be so cool to be your buddy!

  23. nice site man if you need any staff just camment on my blog

  24. Hey AJ i am your friend remember (Mohammed) your site is nice but you should change the style of it. I have started a new website please visit it (robotseveryday.tumblr.com)

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