Cheats and Glitches!

Astro Barrier Secrets:

At the Astro Barrier menu press 1, 2, or 3 for levels 10, 20, or 30.

At the end of Level 7 shoot the blue target for an extra life.

After level 10, wait 25 seconds and a blue astro barrier ship should appear. Shoot the ship for Secret Levels!

On Level 16 for the Secret Levels, shoot the yellow target for 5 points, shoot it again for 10 points!

Between levels 30 and 31, wait 30 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot if for the expert levels!

Jet Pack Adventure Cheat: Finish the game without earning one single coin and you get a reward of 1000 coins.

Pizzatron 3000 Cheat: Once you have started Pizzatron 3000, on the menu click on the red lever near the bottom for Secret Candy Levels! You earn more coins too making candy pizzas.

Bean Counter Tip: One level 1 wait until your score is 95, then hold 5 java bags and unload them. You will have extra points on that level!

Catchin’ Waves Help: Use the Silver Surboard, I have the cheat to find it down below. Bring your Red Puffle with you if you have one. Also, play Survival Mode because you earn more coins. With this tip you should get at least 1,000 coins each round.

Catching The Big Fish In Ice Fishing:Near the end of Ice Fishing when you see the mullet in the background, hook a yellow fish on your line and wait. Once the Mullet comes put the yellow fish inside his mouth, you have caught the mullet!

Catchin’ Waves Help:Use the Silver Surfboard cheat above this, then bring your Red Puffle (if you have one.) He/She will get extra points for you.

Over 100 Buddies:Once you have about 99 buddies ask lots of people to be your buddies, I mean LOTS of people! If more than 1 excepts you should have over 100 buddies!

Rockhopper’s Key:Go to the Book Room, look in the Library and take out Rockhopper’s Journal. Go to the last page of the book. His key is inside the page, now you have access to Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters!

Ban Checker:On the log in screen type in anyone’s name, with at least a 5 digit password, it should say if it’s banned.

Sit forward:Bring ur mouse infront of ur penguin. now press S on ur keybord. u will be sitting forward! when u press S dont write in the chatbar!

Aqua Grabber Tip:Bring your pink puffle (if you have one) with you when you play Aqua Grabber, it will supply you with extra oxygen!

Toggle Graphic Quality: Press + or = for blurry or normal graphics on Club Penguin.

Fast Throwing Snowballs:Press “T” on your keyboard for a snowball target. Keep pressing T rapidly to throw snowballs extremely fast. Only you can see this.

Ghosts Throwing Snowballs:Throw a snowball and quickly walk away, the snowball will come off the ground without you standing there. it looks like that a ghost is throwing the snowball!

Play While walking!

  1. Go and Play either mancala or find four.
  2. While playing, click and open Penguin Mail.
  3. Then close Penguin Mail.
  4. Click anywhere around the room and you will be able to walk around the room, while playing the game

If u have any cheat dont hesitate to tell!


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  12. the silver surf-board doesnt work any more

  13. i have a cheat(how to stand on pathways)
    1st you have to be in a pathway (or door)]
    2nd click on a pathway
    3rd wait till your penguin is near the pathway
    4th open penguin mail fast and close it
    then you will be
    walking in pathway

  14. i love your site

    • thanks for telling!

  15. This cheat works with sled race too

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  17. awsome i’ll put it on my site using my penguin, okay?

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