super heroes

welcome to club penguin super heroes!

here i will be posting pics i edited of superhero penguins! i hope u like them because it took me 3weeks to complete them!

1.Batman penguin!
2.Superman penguin!

3. Darth penguin!

3. Spiderman penguin!

i will be posting more,,, as soon as i make more!

~Agent Janu~



  1. Hi this is so awesome! Sorry I havent been on that much ill try to make time to do posts on my site and stuff. U have amazing stuff how do u do it!

  2. Thanks!! i use Adobe Photoshop to make them!
    ~Agent Janu

    • hi its cool thanks for comenting

  3. cool

  4. darth vador dosent save penguins!!

  5. Sorry.. i never watched Star Wars..
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. yo man its cool u have realy worked hard to make it

  7. how bout for darth vader u put killed

  8. cool

  9. awesome edit??!!

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