CP Characters

hey guys here are some Club Penguin Characters,

Clothing: Pirate Hat

Rockhopper is a Pirate penguin that visits CP around every two months. When he does on his ship you can explore it and buy items and furniture. You can also Read his Journal in the book room. And you can also find the key to his Quarters at the last page of his Journal.When his ship is on CP island he will be on CP and you could meet him but he goes on different servers and it would be tough to find him. . If u ever find him..You cannot ask him to be ur buddy,, but there is a wink emoticon on his player card if we click that he would give us a free item, before he used to give an eyepatch but now he gives u a background.


Straw hat
He is a penguin that first appeared when the dojo got severely damaged by lightning, claiming to have returned from “a long journey”. He used to be seen at the dojo courtyard, but now he can be found inside the Dojo, sitting on the cushion next to the variable-colour pot. He has the color Gray, which is not currently available to players and appears to be a very old penguin. He has a small white beard, thick white eyebrows, and a conical straw hat. He was seen digging out the  dojo. He later revealed he would launch a card game for training Ninjas, known as “card jitsu”. His name was revealed to be “Sensei” or the Japanese word for ‘teacher’, implying he is the ninja trainer. Apparently, he said that came over from far away to return, which means he has been to cp before. He also awards penguins colored belts for their progress in the Card jitsu. Also, once players get a black belt, Sensei can be challenged and if one wins, they become a true Ninja. Sensei will always pick the opposite card of what you pick, unless you are a black belt.

Aunt Arctic:

Clothing: Pink Toque, Glasses and a pencil
Aunt Arctic is not a penguin you can meet. She is a penguin that writes in the newspaper. If you send a letter in needing help.. you might just have your letter in the newspaper but its not sure because she selects a good question.Aunt Arctic is the friendliest penguin in CP be sure to read her things in the newspaper!we can meet aunt arctic too.. she has recently started appearing in the backstage of the penguin play awards

Gary Gadget Guy or G:

Clothing: Glasses, Green Shirt, Brown Tie and a White Lab Coat
G is the gadget guy in CP. He built all the electronics of Club Penguin. For example look on the bottom of the clock tower near the side for the secret agent writing it says by G He also built the Pizzatron 3000 which is the most useful machine. He is also The Head of the P.S.A (Penguin Secret Agency).  Gary roams around club penguin in some events like he did in the last halloween party and at penguin play awards, if u meet him and click on the box on his player card he gives free background we can meet him in the missions too!

Dj Cadence:
purple hair,pink tufts, green headphones, a pink and yellow scarf, , black eyelashes,white shoes with black lines.
she has appeared many times in the newspaper. she has also appeared in the music jam party and during the members only dance a thon party! if u ever see her click on the box button on the player card n she will give u a free background


The Penguin Band is cp’‘s official band. It is made up of four penguins, Stompin Bob, G-Billy, Petey k. and franky. the band members can be seen sometimes during certain parties, on random servers giving autographed backgrounds and talking .The penguin band has played in many parties of club penguin. here is a picture of all their player cards. When you click the box you will receive the background.

yellow hard hat, construction vest
He can be seen in the mission#7 looking after the clock tower
He helped in the Save The Migrator Project.

He was interviewed by The Penguin Times more than three times.
He appeared on the CPIP wallpaper (he was the hard working orange penguin).
He helped organize the Penguin Games and was also a commentator in the Penguin Times.
He built the ship Igloo using the blueprints Rockhopper drew.
He was seen in the Penguin Times helping rebuild and repaint The Stage.
Rory was seen in Mission 9, fixing the Mine Shack.
Rory could be a Secret Agent, seeing as in Mission 7, Gary discussed Herbert right in front of him.
In Club Penguin: Penguin Elite Force you have to help him find his wrench and later in the game you have to help him finish all his daily jobs while he’s fixing the Clock Tower.He also was one of the judges for an Igloo decorating contest.



Clothing:He is a green penguin wearing a red propeller cap and red sunglasses.

Rookie is the public relations officer for the PSA and a novice Secret Agent.  He appears in the Missions #3 and #7 and #10. Very little is known about him. His first appearance in Case of the Missing Coins is examining the vault. He was recently inducted into the Elite Penguin Force and he is in the new video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.
Mission 3: Helps on Missing Coins case. He guards the vault in the Gift Shop, but accidentally closes it and forgets the combination. Later he watches after the coins that were on the ceiling.
Mission 7: Posts signs around the Town to help find the missing Prime Gear.

Mission 10: Is a member of the Waddle Squad. He accidentally tells Herbert about the golden puffle at the Night Club, but that was fine because the puffle was a trap. Then he prepares the Electromagnet 3000 in the Gift Shop but can not power it due to forgetting to bring the solar panel 3000. After capturing Herbert, Rookie gives him his Spy Phone and allows the Polar Bear to teleport away and escape, only to leave behind a packet of seeds.
In Elite Penguin Force, Rookie gets trapped in a river in the Wilderness and helps stop the Wheel-bot.

Herbert Polar Bear:

Clothing: None
Herbert is a polar bear who quitted his own place to go somewhere warm and he Landed on Club Penguin. He is the main enemy in the Secret Missions, and causes the events of Mission 3 onwards. He is not a penguin and, oddly enough, he hates the cold and is a vegetarian. He and a crime in crime, a crab named klutzy also helps him.


: None
Reported Accomplice of Herbert. He helped herbert in finding rooms and things. Klutzy is one of the crab species native to the island, and may be able to blend in with other of his kind



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