Posted by: Junit Guy | January 10, 2010

Rocks at the mine and Fairy fables

Hey everyone!

Have u noticed that there is a rock crash at the mine.. i think this has some connection with mission 11

And the fairy fables has returned to the stage… there’s one cheat in the costume catalog.. click on the cassette part of the radio tp get the silver wand.

thats all..

Posted by: Junit Guy | January 7, 2010


Hey everyone!

The newspaper is here. the main news is about creating our own shirt in the clothing catalog

if u dont know what it is… check out the clothing catalog.. heres how it is:
You can create your own custom T-Shirt! You can choose from 3 colors and 5 designs!

Pick your color. You can choose from Black, Green or Purple.

Here are the upcoming events:

Posted by: Junit Guy | December 18, 2009

Christmas party and pin!

Hey everyone!

The christmas party is here!

This time its totally different! the sky is dark with glowing stars and many other stuff is new!

The free item is the old santa hat!

There is a special thing for members!

Press go there or just go to the dance lounge (upstairs in the nightclub)

Go up to the roof of the can go there only if ur a member.. you arrive on santas sleigh.. u have to deliver the presents.

Once you take off there is a green sign that says how many presents you still have to deliver, press the red Present Release Button across from it to drop presents into chimneys!

Make sure to click the present release before its right above the chimney to give it a few seconds to fall into the chimney.

You have to deliever 15 presents to get the free item

also the new pin is here.. its the snowman pin.. u can find it at the attic above the ski lodge,

Thats all for today.. check out the decorations.. theyre pretty cool!


Posted by: Junit Guy | December 17, 2009


Hey everyone!

The newspaper is here.. the main news is about the holiday (christmas) party starting tomorrow..

go to the first page and bring ur mouse over the boxes to see some sneak peeks!

Here are the upcoming events:

`Waddle on`

Posted by: Junit Guy | December 13, 2009

Free item and furniture and igloo catalog cheats!

Hey everyone!

There is a new free item.. ask someone to send u a happy christmas postcard.. and open it.. there is a candy can hat in it!

The Dec-Jan better igloo catalog cheats are here today! It’s got a ton of new secrets and hidden items..DecemberFCCover

For the nutcracker cheat you  click on the bird that’s sitting on santa snowmans head.DecemberFCNutcracker

To get the small christmas tree click on the red bow on the christmas wreathDecemberFCSmallChristmasTree

For the christmas lights click on the shining star from the christmas treeDecemberFCChristmasLights

To get the hidden coat rack click on the cushion from the blue chair « Club Penguin Cheats

For the shoe rack click on the small leaf in the big aquarium! « Club Penguin Cheats

For the fireplace cheat click the snow tower on the right « Club Penguin Cheats

 « Club Penguin Cheats

For the icicles click on the top of the snow fortress « Club Penguin Cheats

Now some old cheats –click on the brick i circled on the wall to get the old jack-o-lantern « Club Penguin Cheats

for the cauldron click on the top right window… « Club Penguin Cheats

For the LCD tv click on the tombstone « Club Penguin Cheats

Now for the coolest cheat or club penguin gift of them all…. the mystery present

That’s right it’s a mystery, all you have to do is buy the present and leave it in your igloo, then on christmas day it will open up and you’ll get what ever is inside.  any guesses what it is?MysteryPresent

Here are the new igloo upgrade cheats for 2010, check them out below:


Click on the crobar ripping up the wood panel for the first secret stone iglooDecemberICSecretStoneIgloo

Click on the door of the deluxe snow igloo for the secret deluxe stone iglooDecemberICSecretDeluxeStoneIgloo

Thats it!


Posted by: Junit Guy | December 11, 2009

Rockhopper and coins for change!

Hey everyone!

Rockhopper and coins for change is here..
The migrator is here.. it is specially decorated for the coins for change..

here are the items he brought this time:

The treasure hunt inside the captians quarters is now of snow..

you can donate ur coins at these places:
The Captians quarters, Beach, Plaza, Town..

`Waddle on`

Posted by: Junit Guy | December 10, 2009


Hey everyone!

The newspaper is here..

Coins for change and rockhopper is coming tomorrow.. its said that rockhopper will be bringing special donation stations for igloos!

Christmas is coming to club penguin on 18th! and there will be a special sumthing going on above the nightclub!

and there is a special christmas igloo contest coming on December 18!

Here are the upcoming events:


Posted by: Junit Guy | December 9, 2009

Rockhopper getting near!

Hey everyone!

Rockhoppers boat is getting nearer in the telescope.. hes coming this friday

What item do u guess rh will bring this time?

In other news, cp added a new login screen for christmas



Posted by: Junit Guy | December 8, 2009

Christmas party sneak peek!

Hello Everyone!

The big Christmas Party will go from December 18th – 27th.. and here is a sneak peek:

elfshoes.jpgwhich room do u think this will be?

`waddle on`

Posted by: Junit Guy | December 6, 2009

Card jitsu fire video!

Hey everyone!

There is a card jitsu fire video at the dojo courtyard.. check it out



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